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Sultry Nightlife and a Puerto Rico Honeymoon

Puerto Rico honeymoonPuerto Rico! Off the coast of Florida, you will find the exotic island of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico offers a lot of honeymoon amenities for the newly married couple. For those water enthusiast couples getting married here and celebrating your honeymoon here in the tropics work well!

Beaches, sand and sun

With a 435 kilometer stretch of pristine coastline, you can select among the different beaches on this island. The climate in Puerto Rico is very warm no matter what time of the year it is. The average temperature is around 80 degrees making it an ideal place for tourism and outdoor activities.

Couples can bask in the sun and get honey bronzed as they laze along the beaches. Because it is bordered with a lot of beautiful beaches, water loving couples can enjoy the sun and surf. You will find that there are many available water sports here such as scuba diving, snorkeling, marling, fishing also water skiing and parasailing. In Rincon Beach and Resort, couples can enjoy a four star hotel which is famous for its honeymoon packages.

Beautiful destinations

The island of Puerto Rico has a lot of beautiful scenery on foot. Couples can always enjoy many different trail paths as well as lush parks. There are a lot of spots which are ideal for honeymooner to visit or even hold your own Puerto Rican wedding.

The Botanical Gardens at the University of Puerto Rico feature a vast collection of flora around the globe. You’ll find miniature waterfalls, fountains and also sculptures decorating the flora. El Yunque is a famous tropical rainforest which can be enjoyed by couples, nature lovers and adventurers alike. Here you can spend your honeymoon isolated in the Rio Mar Beach Resort.

You both can also visit Vieques and Culebra. There are many beautiful mansions and hotels with Latin influences. You can enjoy the sunset views of these buildings as well as their freshly combed beach fronts. They surely charm couples and tourist who visit. You and also go spelunking on the
Camuy Caves whose cavern measure around 200 feet.

There are also 17 manmade lakes where you both can enjoy a leisurely day on soaking in the sun and fishing. You both can also go downstream and enjoy a day of kayaking. There are around 50 rivers to choose from. You surely will have a lot to do since the different terrain gives off a lot of sights.

Brilliant nightlife

Puerto Rico is also famous for its clubs and its midnight partying. You can dance until the wee hours of morning while the streets still reverberate with frenzied dancers. The spirits here are high and they can go on and on. You can dance to exotic and Latin rhythms and you can gyrate with the beat of the drums. This country is also a large producer of rum which also lends a hand in to the serious partying. You can go in to San Juan to enjoy the fiery night life.

You can also go on shopping here and visit high end stores as well as local stores which sell unique and original merchandise. The Plaza Las Americas in Hato Rye is the largest shopping mall here so you can enjoy a shopping frenzy. There are a lot of places to dine in, you can select from the bistros and cafes or opt to go in a restaurant near the beach. You will find that they serve a lot of filling sea food. Though the place has a lot of American influences, you will find that the atmosphere is more of Latin American.

You will find that the island of Puerto Rico offers a lot of honeymoon activities for you to bond more with your new partner. This island has a romantic aura and holds a lot of romantic destinations. You can savor both local and international cuisine here as well as relax in the many different beaches and spas. With the scenic wildlife here, you will surely enjoy a blissful Puerto Rico honeymoon.