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The Beauty of Kerala Honeymoon Packages

Kerala honeymoon packagesThe most excitement about getting married, except for the big day, is going on a honeymoon. This is a chance to have fun, enjoy romance and really get to know each other. Couples who have taken advantage of one of the Kerala honeymoon packages have related this as the high point of all the wedding activities.

Kerala, India is located on the Arabian Sea on the West with tall mountains on the East. It has beautiful beaches, waterfalls, exotic wildlife and many other exciting areas to explore. Long known for its many beautiful culture and historical monuments it is an exciting place to visit.

How exciting to get to know each other sunbathing on the beach or enjoying an exotic cuisine over one of Indian’s famous coffees. There is romance in the air, in the way people dress and talk. It is an exciting adventure and a wonderful way to start life together.

True romance

The climate is ideal for swimming, exploring the surrounding areas with sprawling plantations and beautiful backwaters. An excellent feature is that each new and exciting place is within a short drive of each other. Taking picture of each other in these beautiful surroundings will provide a reminder of an exciting honeymoon that was the start of a new life. It is a time and place for true romance to fulfill all that was anticipated when the final ‘I do” was uttered.

Although each honeymoon package might differ somewhat the majority include daily tea or coffee and breakfast. In many cases this is served in bed. There are local sightseeing excursions and some even provide a car. The honeymoon couple is met at railroad station or the airport. Imagine, arriving and receiving every possible courtesy to make the honeymoon a treasure to remember. Viewing the gorgeous and romantic sunsets in the evening from a hotel veranda while sipping a cool drink will make the trip even more memorable.

A complete schedule is provided when booking the trip with each day in detail. There are sightseeing trips and many offer things such as going on a houseboat for exploring the backwaters and a chance to sample the various specialty dishes of each area. Of course, one always has the privilege of opting out of the daily routine if desiring to go out on their own.


Depending on where one books the package, the accommodations vary. All are excellent with some having rooms and others having independent huts that are erected on stilts. Whatever accommodations are selected they will be beautifully furnished with colorful native furniture and accessories.

This will be the very first vacation together as husband and wife and it will be a memorable one when it is spent in a location that is different from any other in the world. The very color and romance of the area is something that will last forever. By getting one of the Kerala honeymoon packages there is no need to worry about little details, they are all taken care of, which allows time to completely enjoy the romance of the occasion.