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Sun, Sand and Sea in a Honeymoon in Goa

Honeymoon in GoaExperience a honeymoon in Goa like no other where you get a lot of sand, sun and sea. The natural elements decorate the island of Goa making it a very charming and exotic place to spend for a honeymoon trip.

The long stretches of beaches lined with palm trees overlooking aquamarine Arabian shores, azure blue skies and sunny furrows is an ideal place for couples. With its common names that refer to this island as the Goa Dorado, Pearl of the East of Beach Capital of India, you surely know that this place is just right for honeymooners.

Goa honeymoon packages

Booking a honeymoon package for Goa allows couples to mingle in Goan action and movement. You can frequent inlands and visit the Basilica of Bom Jesus or pay homage at the Church of Our Lady of Rosary. You can also visit the forts that surround this island such as the Tiracol, Corjeum, Aguada and Chapora.

In the city you can tickle your taste buds with Goan delicacies. In the beach resorts you can also savor authentic and delectable cuisine as well. There are a lot of flea markets where you can bargain interesting stuff and a lot of souvenirs. In Calangute, you can experience exciting night life and a satiated appetite from Goan cuisine.

There are a number of hotel and resort packages as well. You can always enjoy water sports here. Select along the fine beaches of Alor Holiday Resort, Cicade de Goa, Bogmalllo Beach Resort, Highland Beach Resort, Bambolim Beach Resort and Majorda Beach Resort.

Resort options

Along the numerous resorts in the coasts of Goa, you can always opt to have luxurious rooms and gardens to yourselves. The hotels and resorts here have genuine Portuguese and Goan dishes that you will love. You can also accompany a candle lit dinner with romantic serenades. Most of the resorts offer spas with ayurvedic pressure helping you to relax those muscles. You and your spouse can also enjoy Jacuzzis, saunas, massage, aromatherapy and health club gyms. Some hotels also have casinos and water sports options.

Cultural visits

Like many other places, Goa has its own festivities and fairs. You can enjoy lively chatters of music and melodious people wherever you go. There are songs and dances as well. You both can take pleasure I participating in Goa events and dances. There are a lot of traditional dances and music like the Corredinho- Portuguese Folk Dance, the Bhandap, Goff-folk Dance, Kunbi Dance, Dangar Dance and the Mando. You can also visit the churches and temples that make up of Goa’s folklore.

Things to do

The beaches of Goa are the main attraction for tourists. For those adventure seekers, they can enjoy sailing, water skiing, parasailing and wind surfing and diving. You and your spouse can also enjoy a Goa River cruise on the Mandovi River. The long and languid river can be enjoyed at daytime, sunset or moonlight. Having a very intimate moonlit trip is one way to enjoy your honeymoon. There are onboard cultural troupes that will also entertain you and your spouse as you sail away in this river.

Great views

This tropical paradise offers a natural panorama making this side of the island indispensible to India. It is fringed with coastal trees and lapped by the Arabian seas, a serene honeymoon can also be an option for you and your spouse. You both can frolick in the sand and scour some areas that overlook the hills of India. It is most certainly a blessed land filled with natural panorama that will surely invoke a feeling of intimacy that will last a life time.

The combination of sun kissed beaches, golden white sand, lush flora make this an ideal spot for a honeymoon. You will always enjoy the constant lapping of the waves on the shores and enjoy luxurious rest houses to stay in. Because of its enchanting beauty, newlyweds will be given a chance to explore their relationship, here in a honeymoon in Goa.