The Best Honeymoon Ideas

Experiencing a Delightful Honeymoon in Egypt

Egypt honeymoonDecide on an Egyptian honeymoon and experience the great natural beauty of its pyramids and the land’s antiquities. This Holy Land has a lot of magnificent temples and pyramids as well as exotic locations for a sultry honeymoon.

Endless choices

Having Egypt as your honeymoon destination will present you with a lot of honeymoon options. There are numerous places for you to visit. Aside from the impressive structures built on the sand, you and your new spouse will be able to enjoy resorts, beaches and of course, the cities. Since Egypt has a very strategic position, you can always choose to relax and celebrate your honeymoon either on the Egyptian Red Sea or the Sinai Coast.

Well, you do not have to limit yourself to one of these. You can also opt to get a honeymoon tour if it fits the type of way you picture your honeymoon to be. You can also consult with your partner and see if she or he might agree with this after all, this honeymoon is just the start of your adventure together a s a couple.

Camel rides

One fun way to spend a honeymoon is to go on a camel ride across the desert. It is good to have an early start so that you get to witness the sun rising above the sand dunes. You can start with a romantic breakfast provided by your hotel but make sure you do not scrimp on the servings. You will be after all riding a camel in the middle of the desert!

Whichever city you choose, you will find that they always have camel ride trips. Mounting a camel will be tricky but once you get to see the unique natural sculptures in the sand and the Pyramids of Giza, you will surely know that this exciting trip was surely worth it.

Starlit evenings

Most hotels offer starlit dinners under the Egyptian sky. You will enjoy fine Egyptian cuisine and can also opt to be serenaded by the hotel staff. The view of the night sky here in Egypt is very clear because there are not much infrastructures compared to big cities such as New York. If you choose to get a restaurant near the pyramids, you can also enjoy the light shows from afar.

In Cairo, do not miss the revolving restaurant with glass walls high above the 42nd floor. High above other buildings, you will find a very unique nightscape. This luxurious restaurant will certainly give you a romantic fine dining dinner. You can enjoy French cuisine as you watch the city lights come to life.

Romantic cruises and endless shopping

You can also opt to enjoy a sunset cruise down the Nile under a vast blanket of Stars. As you sail down the river, you will be entertained with a lot of folklore music and dancing. You can also watch dancers belly dance and have the option to learn from them as well. You can also enjoy a delicious three course meal as you go float along the Nile.

Each city of Egypt will give you a lot of choices for souvenirs and a lot of Egyptian merchandise. You will be presented with a lot of fine garments and colorful textiles. There are also uniquely shaped perfume bottles in different shapes and sizes as well as gold and silver jewelry to select from.

The vast market of Khanel-Khalili is full of bustle even during midday. You will not only experience a shopping spree here but the traditional shopping of Egyptians as well. After all, this is Cairo’s major center of trade.

With an Egyptian honeymoon, you will find that this honeymoon destination can truly be rewarding. Take your pick among the various beaches, resorts, monuments and pyramids and savor the magical moments of a delightful honeymoon in Egypt.