The Best Honeymoon Ideas

Honeymoon Beach St John Provides the Setting for the Perfect Getaway

Honeymoon Beach St JohnWith all the stress and planning leading up to the wedding day, many newlywed couples can’t wait to hit the honeymoon trail. This is one of the biggest events in the life of a couple since it is the first trip they will take as husband and wife. To ensure everything goes as planned, honeymoon beach st john as well as other locations in this area can provide the perfect romantic setting to set the tone for the many years of marriage to come.

Sand, sun and a tropical landscape

For many people the vision of sand, sun, a tropical landscape, and tons of romance is enough to build the anticipation of a honeymoon to the breaking point. Selecting between the many options available today, therefore, can be quite a challenge. By knowing what you’d like to share as a couple, building the perfect honeymoon package is easier than might be believed.

The rainy season in St. John is between May and October with hurricanes occasionally hitting the area between August and October. Therefore, the best time to travel to the region is between January and April or in November and December. Additionally, for those on a budget, looking for specials or going during the off-season could save hundreds of dollars in the long-run, so rainy weather should not be totally excluded. After all, with the warm waters of the Caribbean, getting wet is not unusual.

There are several other considerations when looking for the perfect location. There are thousands of resorts and beaches in the area and each will vary in privacy, first-rate service, seclusion, awe-inspiring settings, and especially romance. Fortunately, little is needed in way of clothing as bikini wear, suntan lotion, and a smile is all that’s really required.

Honeymoon Beach

One of the best known locations is Caneel Bay which is located within the Virgin Islands National Park on the island of St. John. Tucked into the beautiful landscape is a resort which provides access to what’s known as “Honeymoon Beach” as well as the national park. This is a location for those who truly want to get away from it all. There are no radios, television, or telephones, but what it lacks in technology it makes up for in the 170 acres of national park boarded by seven white-sand beaches. It is only accessible by boat or ferry making it the perfect getaway for those who want to spend this time alone.

Although this may seem ideal, there are many other romantic areas within the St. John region as well as plenty to see and do. This collection of tiny islands has earned the nickname of “Love City” as it provides many opportunities for the love connections newlyweds are looking for as well as others celebrating romantic occasions. There are several sites, in fact, that are known to create the ambiance needed to ensure that memorable moment and perfect kiss.

Another popular site is Trunk Bay because it is one of the photographed beaches in the world. Many sunset weddings are held here on the white sand beaches with the turquoise waters lapping gently against the shore. On the northwest coast between Hawk’s Nest and Denis Bay is a 180 degree panoramic view of St. Thomas from a site called Peace Hill. This truly spectacular sight is very inspiring.

Whether one selects Bordeaux Point for its mountaintop retreat, Annaberg Plantation for its historical significance and stone ruins, or Waterlemon Cay for its fabulous snorkeling opportunities, this is an area of the world where every destination provides the basics needed for a perfect honeymoon. Whether one selects honeymoon beach st john located in Caneel Bay or one of the others, this area offers many memorable moments that will meet any newlywed couple’s honeymoon expectations.