The Best Honeymoon Ideas

Good Honeymoon Places You Should Go To

Good honeymoon placesOnce in a while, love comes and interferes to a man’s and a woman’s life. After a period of chasing, wedding soon follows and then of course the most awaited part, honeymoon, goes after.

Honeymoon, one of the most exciting moments in a life of a newlywed couple, deserves to be celebrated in a very romantic and passionate way in one of very good honeymoon places in the world.

There are, in fact, a lot of choices when it comes in choosing good honeymoon places for your first getaway as a couple. Each caters a unique way and great honeymoon packages for you to experience the real essence of honeymoon.

To give you a glimpse to some of the good honeymoon places where you could enjoy your first vacation, here are the lists below:


If both of you are ardent lovers of nature, then this place suits you. With its beautiful landscapes, abundant green forest, wide beaches, mesmerizing coves and wonderful sea plantations, you will be rejuvenated after tiresome wedding preparations. You could stay in a bungalow-inspired villa rooms, surrounded with stunning gardens or at the Sugar Beach Resort which is peacefully resting upon the craggy mountains with beach’s panoramic view. Furthermore, you could be in Touessrok Hotel – set on a group of islands – that won multiple awards including ‘Best Hotel in the World’, and ‘The World’s Most Romantic. Months between August and December are the ideal periods to spend your honey in this marvellous land.


Are you a couple who seeks more than tropical beaches and all-inclusive resorts for your honeymoon? Then Jamaica, one of the good honeymoon places, offers a variety of choices. Nightlife here is very enjoyable. With its music and dances, Jamaica’s passion, you will be overwhelmed with much pleasure as you dance together. You could also take satisfaction from its one of a kind cuisine, fabulous shopping areas and creative art forms. Good news is though the resorts are owned privately, most offer a less expensive fee to enjoy the private beach even for the whole day.

New Zealand

Do you want to explore how wondrous the world is as you celebrate your honeymoon? Through New Zealand’s superb landscape, plentiful green forests, serene rivers, crystal-clear lakes, remarkable geyser, steaming mud, freezing snow-capped mountains, and enthralling beaches, you would surely be lulled to put higher romance and passion to your honeymoon. It gives many choices of refined wines and other local vintages and a variety of delicious food. You could do sports like skiing, golf, horse-back riding, jet boating, kayaking, rafting and even seaplane safaris. For the hotels to choose from, many offer great honeymoon packages coupled with a unique Kiwi hospitality.


Barbados, a flourishing island in the Caribbean, is one of the good honeymoon places. You could choose to stay in an oceanfront room to feel the breeze of the sea and if you love ocean picturesque seen as you glance in the window, you could be in an ocean view hotel with your own private pool. You could stay too in villas where West Indian culture and English tradition fuse. If you are fed up staying in the room, not far from most Barbados hotels, you could enjoy coffee time together. Or watch cricket, the island’s national sport, jet skiing, wind surfing or even catamaran. Or you could swim with the sea turtles or even hire a vehicle to travel around the island together.

These are only some of the good honeymoon places to choose from and you should go to as you celebrate your romantic honeymoon you have ever dreamt of.