The Best Honeymoon Ideas

Getting Away on a Cook Islands Honeymoon

Cook Islands honeymoonA Cook Islands honeymoon might be the perfect romantic getaway for two people. This area is in the South Pacific region known as Polynesia. There are fifteen islands and they are about 2600 miles south of Hawaii. During your stay, you can engage in a number of different activities. However, you may choose to do nothing but enjoy the atmosphere.


Aitutaki is also known as Utataki and is one of the most popular destinations in the area. It has a population of about two thousand people. Here are some points of interest that you may wish to enjoy.

If you enjoy deep sea fishing, this is a very good place to visit. You can charter a boat and go with people that know the area well. Spend the entire day fishing or stop to snorkel.

One Foot Island is described by many as “paradise”. You may wish to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the surroundings. However, you should be careful of the stone fish and wear protection like reef shoes when in the water.

Scuba diving

Do you love to snorkel or go scuba diving? Then Aitutaki Lagoon is an excellent location for swimming. Some people take the cruise and enjoy the entire area. The clear water and lovely beaches may make for a perfect afternoon. If you like an area with not many people, the lagoon may be just what you are looking for.

Rarotonga is the most popular location for visitors. There are many places to stay and things to do in this area. It is also where the international airport is. Here are things that you may wish to do.

Take a cruise in a glass bottom boat, and you can see a lot in the clear waters. You can also snorkel, if you wish. If you do not know how to snorkel, they will teach you.

Drive your own dune buggy and tour the area. You can follow experienced guides, as you take in all of the sights. It is a very good way to see everything.

Tropical fish

Go on a cruise of Muri and Koka Lagoon, and take in all of the amazing sights. Stop to snorkel with tropical fish and then have lunch. While eating, you can watch and enjoy the coconut show from the locals.

Take a guided tour in a four wheel drive vehicle. Your guide will tell you about the rich history and show you sights that many tourists do not see. You can tour the back roads and visit some spectacular water falls.

A Cook Islands honeymoon may be an excellent romantic getaway. Maybe you would like to do some deep sea fishing for the entire day. You may wish swim with the fish, snorkel or scuba dive. Many people enjoy glass bottom boat tours of the exceptionally clear water. There is a great deal to do in this tropical paradise, but you may choose to do nothing. That will be just fine, too.