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Indulge in Cook Islands Honeymoon Packages

Cook Islands honeymoon packagesDreaming of going to an undiscovered, exotic, romantic getaway for your honeymoon? Cook Islands honeymoon packages can give you all that and more!

Cook Islands located in the heart of Polynesia, is the best-kept secret in the Pacific Ocean. It is certainly the ideal honeymoon destination for romantics. It offers you total relaxation, privacy, romance and indulgence at its best. The island offers you its majestic beauty, all in its natural state.

Luxury villa

Cook Islands Honeymoon Packages offer you luxury in a secluded, beach cove front villa while facing the striking beauty of the sparkling, clear waters. Or you have the option of choosing to stay in a bungalow atop the magnificent wonder that is Aitutaki, giving you the bird’s eye of white sandy beaches. Honeymooners can also choose to stay in a honeymoon villa surrounded by lush flora and beautiful gardens.

Honeymooners can enjoy the many activities in the island. They can either choose to indulge themselves in their private villas, catered and pampered. Or they can explore the many wonders of the islands. For fun loving couples, they can enjoy and have fun snorkeling or scuba diving along with the different, tropical fish. Find yourselves on a water adventure by taking a lagoon cruise or fishing in the outer reefs. Kayaking, boating and sailing are other must try activities. You can also get the chance to enjoy coral viewing. For a very exciting land adventure, honeymooners can try hiking in the rainforest or take part in a mountain trek. Unleash your adventurous sides and try participating in mountain bike tours.

Romantic horse back riding

Other activities that honeymooners can try are horse back riding. This can be quite romantic especially for couples who love to snuggle together while watching the beautiful scenery around them. For a unique experience, couples can go on a whale watching expedition or take part in Microlight flights. These are flights which the couple rides a helicopter and takes a tour around the island with a qualified pilot. This will be an amazing opportunity to see beauty if the island from a distance while enjoying the thrill of flying.

After exploring, you and your sweetheart can go shopping. Try going to a local market and buy local handicrafts as souvenirs and as mementos for the wonderful time you have spent in the island. Experience shopping in an open market and shop for as many exciting and unique pieces. Black pearls are one of the island’s specialty. A lot of stores are selling them, all at reasonable prices and just find ones that you like. Another specialty is the homemade perfume. Together, you can also try local attires and just have fun.


Dining in Cook Islands means tasting delightful cuisines such as Ungakoa, a shellfish, either raw or cooked, served with boiled green banana. Cook Islands cuisine mainly involves fresh seasonal fruits like coconut, papaya, musk melon and mango, using herbal spices like renga or turmeric. Coconut cream and toasted coconut are added to most dishes. White crab dishes are also very popular. They are garnished mostly with grated cheese and coconut, adding a unique blend of flavors. Lime and rip banana are essential ingredients to Cook Islands cuisine.

Cook Islands Honeymoon Packages offer honeymooners a chance to experience an “Island Night”. This gives you a chance to dance, listen to disco and live music, and experience the colorful, sensual beats of the island.

This “hidden” dream getaway will be the most wonderful thing that you’ll experience in your life. You will never regret choosing to have Cook Island Honeymoon Packages, it will leave you breathless from the start until the very end.