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Looking for the Best Hawaiian Island for Honeymoon?

Best hawaiian island for honeymoonHawaii – land of the lua and the lei. If you are on the search for the best hawaiian island for honeymoon then you are in luck. The islands of aloha are all beautiful and it will have to take personal choice and a great experience to look in to your own Aloha island favourite.

Hawaii has 6 islands that offer you great experiences for love, adventure, a lot of great surprises and unforgettable experiences. These islands are bound to spell bind you in to a romantic experience so choose among Kaua’i, Moloka’i, Maui, O’ahu, Lana’i and Big Island for a wonderous trip!


This island is known as the Island of Discovery. Here you can experience one of the world greatest natural wonders- the azure blue sea and sky, the almost perfect weather and a laid back life style. Here you can feast of a grand collection of cascading waterfalls, warm beaches and tropical forests. With the unspoilt environment, you and your partner will find yourself in a indulging treat of a lifetime.

You will find around 9 golf courses here and a stretch to 90 miles of coastline. You have the option to go around the island and investigate the awe inspiring falls. You can choose between the Wailua Falls and the Manawaipuna falls. You can visit the area in the morning where you will find a beautiful rainbow painted by the sunlight on it.


You can escape to O’ahu and explore this diverse island paradise. Here you will find the famous Waikiki beach, one the popular destinations in the you will find 5 star hotels that offer you breath taking views of the Pacific . you can lso find less crowded beaches that still allow you to enjoy the snad and sun as well. here you will find the enchanting city of Honolulu and be able to explore this states past as well as bays and points. You wont miss the O’ahu mountain range and itq very uniqye rock formation as well.


This island tends to cling to its roots while most parts of other islands get developed. If you are lloking to get in touch with nature, then this is the island to be. The roads are few and there is not much of a crowd in here but you can discover empty beaches and tons of peaceful serenity. The culture of Hawaii is very rich here.

You can explore the deep reef here as well as go up sea cliffs that plunge in to 3000 feet of wild surf. Also you can explore preserves that are home to a lot of endangered birds. Moloka’i boast of unspoilt beauty of the Hawaiian islands.


Lanai is synonymous with opulent greenery and luxurious places and stoways. If you ar elooking for aplace of seclude dprivacy, then Lanai is the place to be. This charming little town takes advantage of the islands unparraleld beauty and makes the most out of it. You can discover petroglyphs here as well cliff lined casts and forested town squares. You can also beach comb and enjoy simple pleasures of misty forests.


Enjoy hula dances and ancient chants that tell of the story of the demigod Maui. Here you will find almost perfect weather, uncrowded beaches and golf courses that overlook the coast. Experience gentle waters, bountiful waterfalls and lush green mountains. You can also explore the ranchlands and get to know the Hawaiian paniolo.Around early December you can watch around for humpback whales as well.

Hawaii Big Island

This island is twice bigger than its sisters and you will have to explore each area to get to know it better. You can find Hawaii Volcanoes National Park here and learn of the story of the goddess pele. You can enjoy vertical cliifs and long stretches of white beaches as well as ranches and historical attractions.

Hawaii has a lot to offer for you and each island brags of its own uniqueness so if you are looking for best Hawaiian island for honeymoon, then get on a honeymoon packages and explore all there is to the beautiful landscapes and water forms of Aloha.